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IT Sourcing and Procurement Jobs/Training
Legal / Paralegal
Sourcing Auditors
Training on IT Procurement and Sourcing Life Cycle

Areas : IT Contracts, IT Vendor Management and IT Negotiations
Next Batch March 15, 2021
We will find assignments for you

Demand and Consumption Management
Market Comparison and Rates Benchmarking
External Compliance
Internal Compliance
Risk Analysis

SLAs and KPIs
Pricing Model
Invoice and Payment Management
Service Cost Allocation Management
Business Case Realization
User Satisfaction Levels

Continuous Improvement
Contract Restructuring
Best Industry Practices
Reduction in Administrative Efforts
Contract Training
Service Provider Relationship
Contract Maturity Cycle

This is not a techy job. Two things needed are communication skills and ability to do finance/contracts. We will train you and make you marketable. We will find assignments for you once you're done with your basic training.