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Are your parents in India ?

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Sun, Jun 2

Are your Parents in India ?

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Innovative startup in India takes care of your parent's health and social needs.  Our doctors take care of their health, our concierges escort them to visits, and at-home services look after meds and tests.  But that's not all! Participate in chai time and other fun activities!


Starting at just $19.99 per month

Worry free care.  Privacy respected. Many happy


Call (six zero nine) 968-2366    

Or (six one two) 234-1297

Well being reassurance  Peace of Mind   Affordable   Trustworthy


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An Increasing number of parents in India are staying alone in their golden years as their children work and live nationally and internationally. Such parents face a challenge of unmet healthcare needs and often navigate a complex healthcare system back in India by themselves. Additionally, social loneliness and lack of engagement causes psychological stress, affecting their quality of life. Home Health Solutions has been created to provide such parents with services through our reputed network of trusted providers which helps them feel comfortable and reassured during their times of illness or loneliness. Through Home Health we want to give back to those who helped us be who we are today!