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Heena / Mehndi tattoo at cheap cost
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7 years experience
Heena tattoo
6 am to 12 pm
Rt 59
Hello there; I do professional Indian Heena 
tattoo art. I do temporary tattoo work at my 
place and I can also visit place of your 
preference. I do it to individual person or can 
do it to group as well. I use natural heena to 
draw tatoo and is safe and hygenic. The tattoo 
is temporary and fades away in around 2/3 weeks 
so that you can get new design everytime ?? 
Please take a look at picture to get an idea, 
these are all drawn by me to clients. I hope you 
will also like it. Price is flexible and it 
depends on complexity of design and amount of 
detail work required. The prices for the designs 
in pictures are within range of 15-30$ per 
tattoo. And you can also choose and bring your 
own design from internet. You can reach me on Thanks and