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Required Quality Assurance Trainer
Software / QA / DBA
Minnesota Institute of professional studies
  • Responsible for monitoring, evaluating and directing staff members on the quality of work performed as measured against project standards, contractual requirements and performance measures.
  • Assists with the development, design and recommend strategies or activities intended to improve performance.
  • Assists with the development, analysis and distribution of project reports and performance indicators.
  • Regularly assess the knowledge needs of the staff related to processes and policies regarding the client/contract operations and develop plans to meet those requirements.
  • Conducts monitoring activities for quality assurance purposes.
  • Assists with monitoring performance and meeting contractual requirements.
  • Remains up-to-date on policies and procedures for all operations, assists in developing new procedures, and updates existing procedures when changes occur.
  • Assists in the production and update of staff resource materials including quick reference guide, matrices, charts, and workflows.
  • Conducts staff training.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by corporate management.

Contact: Cell:952-583-9590