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child care/homemade food
childcare & home made food
flexible times
3805 Foxrun Dr.
Blueash OH 45234   [Map]   [Directions]
Hi  its  summertime  working moms  b  free  and u can  leave 
ur  kids at  my  home  i    do  baby sitting  for  all ages 
from  2yrs  i  make  fresh food at home  and  make  the kidsdo  
all  educational  activities  .i  give  the dialy  report  . 
my  rates  are  flexible .eldere  kids  are  also welcome  in  
summer  holidays  i  teach  them  yoga  languages hindi/ telugu 
apart  from  dialy  activities .  so  pl feel  free  to  cal  
me  . thanku