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Kerala Association of Connecticut
Kerala Association of Connecticut, CT (KACT)
Kerala Association of Connecticut (KACT)
Secretary (Navnith Jayaram) (Ph: 860-730-2749)
For more info: President Shivkumar Shivadas Ph: 860-648-1024
Kerala Association of Connecticut (KACT)

Kerala Association of Connecticut (KACT) was started in 1985 as an informal social 
organization of Malayalees in central and eastern Connecticut, the first KACT meeting 
was held at the Windsor First church. Even in those days, the count of families to 
whom event invitations were mailed was about 100. Currently there are 300+ families 
with Kerala ties in Connecticut, though not all of them are members of the association. 
KACT was incorporated as a formal body registered under the State of Connecticut 
and its laws in October 2004 (click here for the constitution and it's by-laws). We are 
registered as a non-profit organization with the IRS under Section 501 (c) (3) of the 
Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding provisions of any future United 
States Internal Revenue Law). 
KACT was started with the stated purpose of “encouraging those people with 
ancestral origin in Kerala, or people who are otherwise interested in Kerala, to form an 
effective and cohesive group”. It is “an educational and charitable organization formed 
to foster the cultural heritage of the State of Kerala.  This would be accomplished in 
part through educating the young generation of Americans of Indian origin from Kerala 
in the language, literature, culture, customs, arts and dances of Kerala.  
In addition, the association promotes and encourages acts of charity and 
benevolence. Please click here to know more about our charity initiatives.
KACT elects members of its Executive Committee annually, inviting nominations from 
volunteers among its member-base and this committee is tasked with carrying the 
Association and its goals forward.