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Glamour Looks Salon And Spa
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Beauty Salon, Hair Care, Make-Up, Lashes,Nail Art.
Eyebrow Threading, Facial, Waxing And Henna
Sun 11:00 am ~ 04:00 pm, Mon 11:00 am ~ 06:00 pm, Tue to Sat 10:00 am ~ 08:00 pm
Preet Buttar Ph: (248) 997-8699
34741 Grand River Avenue, Farmington, Mi 48335 (Next to namaste flavours)
eyebrow threading farmington hills mi:

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique practiced around 
the world. The technique makes use of pure cotton threads which 
is rolled and twisted along the surface of the skin entangling 
the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly and 
precisely from the follicle. Threading is not just for the 
eyebrows, it can be used to remove other facial hair as well.
Women who prefer a natural hair removal regimen, hair threading 
is the best option, since it does not use any chemical product. 
Threading is quick, precise and safe, when performed properly. 
With experienced stylist from Glamour looks salon, you feel 
almost little pain and lasts much longer because of hair being 
plucked quickly and in a certain direction.

waxing hair removal farmington hills mi:

At Glamour looks salon our responsibility is to remove hair in 
the gentlest way possible, and most importantly help you look and 
feel great. We understand that waxing is personal; hence we're 
committed to making you comfortable, through our friendly and 
expert service using the best waxing products available. Waxes we 
use are intended to make the process less painful and leaving 
very little redness. Our wax treatment experts take utmost care 
to protect the elasticity and health of the skin. At Glamour 
looks the wax is applied warm, and then removed gently, leaving 
skin absolutely smooth. Our waxing technique is comfortable and 

hair - color - style - farmington hills mi:

Our hair designers at Glamour looks salon are trained to work 
with you and achieve the best hairstyle and colour that 
complements your personality as well as your lifestyle. Our pools 
of professionals are experts at creating top hairstyle trends, as 
well as classic elegant styles. We offer hair consultation to our 
customers to ensure that every visit with us is a beautiful 
experience. Your hair needs growth, nutrition and change; we will 
be there with you providing excellent care and style.

manicure and pedicure farmington hills mi:

The manicure and pedicure treatments available at Glamour looks 
salon make it easy to have healthy, shiny nails that are a joy to 
behold. Our services are carefully tailored to meet your manicure 
and pedicure demands and give you the look you want.
A hand or foot treatment at Glamour looks salon is unlike any 
other on Earth offering superior exfoliating and moisturizing 
qualities. Our experts provide you an unforgettable natural nail 
manicure and pedicure.

facial and skin treatment farmington hills mi:

At Glamour looks salon our facial treatments and skin care 
professionals perform a detailed consultation and thorough skin 
assessment enabling us to treat specific skin type and skin 
condition so you get the most effective and immediate results.Our 
skin treatment approach will leave your skin looking and feeling 
its absolute best. Our treatment results in deep cleansing of the 
pores and soft tissue under the skin. Our Customized Facial is a 
relaxing yet serious skin care treatment, which yields best 
results in a series.

makeup farmington hills mi

Revive your complexion with us at Glamour looks salon. Our 
professional makeup services are a work of art. Is it you want 
subtle or bold we offer the perfect look what you demand. Your 
beauty should be complemented, yet never changed. Our creative 
makeup artists can bring out the best in you.

Enjoy the opulence and charm of our Beauty Salon while we provide 
you with a new level of style and beauty services. 

With over 15 years experience in beauty salon let "Preet Buttar" 
and the team give you the star treatment and that fresh new look 
you have been waiting for. 

Our Services, Waxing, Eyebrow Threading, Pedicure and Manicure, 
Nail Art, Facial and Skin Treatment, Hair Treatment, Henna 
Tattoos, Hair Care, Make-Up, Lashes, Asian Massage ( For Women 
Only ), Indian Bridal Make-up, Indian Bridal Henna, Hairstyles, 
Hair Highlights.