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Hindu Vedic Priest
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11600 SW 2nd Street

Pembroke Pines FL 33025   [Map]   [Directions]
Priestchakravarthy:954-608-3424 954-272-2194

Sri Kalyan Chakravarthy is a Vedic priest trained in religious Vedic rituals & Specialized in "Archakatwam & Pourohityam"

Priest Chakravarthy garu
was born in Traditional Family. His father & his ancestors practised the family tradition of serving the God & human society in various ways( priest services, Astrology , vaastu service etc....)

He is a multilingual & have conversations in the following languagues :
Telugu, Sanskrit,Hindi,Kannada,English ( Read,Write,Speak )
Tamil ( Speak

Performing the Pujas @ South Florida Community Since 2001

 Self transportation is available to your home.