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Youth & Family Meditation Camp - 2020
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Science of Spirituality Meditation Center Minneapolis / St. Paul
Sat, Feb 15
9.30 - 4PM
Science of Spirituality Meditation Center Mpls Intersection of Central Ave and 41st Ave

The Youth & Family Meditation Camp is a one-day Winter/Springtime indoor camp. It is open to children and teens of ages between 5 and 17, along with parents and other adults . This camp enables everyone to learn the Art & Science of Meditation and explore our own spiritual nature. The YFMC camp will help children, teens and parents balance physical and mental learning through meditation and develop awareness of their highest potential.

It is fun-filled so the everyone can stay interested and focused while learning a subject that may seem daunting otherwise. The YFMC includes meditation workshops, yoga, concentration games, music and pizza. Children & Families have appreciated the YFMC deeply, because they really enjoy having fun and learning spirituality together. A fun-filled musical entertaining skit will be presented on the topic by practicing children!

This camp is FREE.
For more information contact: Arvind Naik 612-216-4444,