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Live ONLINE Bollywood Dance Classes!
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SAATH MN (South Asian Arts and Theater House)
Performing Arts
Thu, Apr 2 - Sat, May 2
(Repeats every week on Thur,Sat)
Thursdays at 7:00pm CST & Saturdays at 9:00am CST/7:30pm IST
Donations welcome!
At your house! Find our Youtube Channel!

Join SAATH MN and have dance class at home through the month of April! Live on our Youtube channel. Thursday evenings Divya Maiya will go through an intermediate level of choreography and Saturday mornings walk through easier choreo, step by step to Bollywood music!
Saturdays 9am CST / 7:30pm IST - EASY CHOREO

Donations are welcome!

Check out our Youtube channel here!