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Break the Silence: An event by AshaUSA
Sat, Jan 16

This year we have made a resolution to "Break the Silence" on many issues that are prevalent in the community but we keep a "hush" about.

Our 2021 AshaUSA speaker series is titled "Breaking the Silence".

We start with the January session with a discussion on "Pregnancy & Parenting after Infant Loss".
Losing a baby during pregnancy, stillbirth or losing a newborn infant is a very common occurrence with 1 in 4 women experiencing it! But we never talk about mental health issues surrounding this topic. What does it mean to have that experience for the young mothers and fathers and family members? How do we support someone who is going through or has gone through such an experience?

We have invited a panel of 3 couples who share their personal journey of pregnancy and parenting subsequent children after infant loss. Our invited guest, Dr. 

Joann O'Leary

 is an expert who has done extensive research, teaching and practice in this area.

Please mark your calendars and join us!(Flyer attached)