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Heartfulness Meditation with Yogic Transmission

Heartfulness Institute
Sun, Jul 12
(Repeats every week on Sun)
9:00 - 10:45 AM
Bryant Square Recreation Center

We invite you to try Heartfulness Meditation and experience the extraordinary difference it can make. Meditation is a simple exercise to the mind. There is no need to invest lot of time for meditation. Just as little as 10 minutes, a daily meditation practice can counteract the stress and bring you many powerful benefits. Heartfulness is a unique practice distinguished by a natural energy called yogic transmission that enables participants to direct their attention toward the heart and experience its infinite wonders. Many feel the effects of transmission in their first few Heartfulness sessions and are surprised by their ability to plunge into refreshing, absorbing meditation. With continued practice, most participants observe significant positive changes in themselves. Heartfulness Institute Learn-to-Meditate Programs are available at no cost to individual or group. Participants do not need to know how to meditate or believe in any particular system or philosophy. There are more than 7,000 Heartfulness Meditation trainers in over 110 countries, with nearly 400 trainers in the United States alone. Contact us at