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MN Open-Air Holi 2021 @ Milan Mandir
Minnesota Hindu Milan Mandir
Sun, Jun 6
1pm to 5pm
$5 per attendee
Minnesota Hindu Milan Mandir

Dear Friends and Family, Lovers of Holi:

The members and devotees of Milan Mandir are planning a Grand Celebration for you and your family, friends, associates and neighbors to come outdoor, after being cooped up in your home for the past year, and do join friends and families at this grand, colorful and festive celebration:

(2) Playing Open-Air Holi on Sunday, June 6th, 1 pm to 5 pm. A celebration for the entire family and community. It's an outdoor activity!

This year because of Covid-19, we are forced to push-out Open-Air Holi – playing with colors to Sunday, June 6th

  1. Sunday, June 6th-1pm to 5pm. Come and Play with colors, authentic colored powder, dance to Hindustani music and songs (free style dancing) to hot-chutney music and Holi songs for your dancing pleasure. Wear your dancing shoes and Holi outfit. Come to play and be messy. Lots of ethnic foods for a $ small donation and getting your favorite colors of gulaal to dab on each other's faces – all happening in Milan Mandir Holi Courtyard. Bring your pichacari. Everyone goes home messy, so come prepared.

 Come and meet friends and network with your associates and long distance or FB friends. Know your neighbors and let this festival bring everyone out of the winter doldrums, Covid-19 and spring up into life, love and happiness as the flowers in the garden do.

 You can pick up yummy finger-foods and delicious dinner plates food items at a minimal $ donation in Milan Mandir Courtyard. Also get your bright colored-gulal (color powder) at Milan Mandir entrance or courtyard for a $ small donation.

DJ will play your favorite Holi song if you bring your song on I-phone or flash drive.

Attached are flyers with more details. Please help us to share with all your friends and family. If you have questions, please call: 612-695-1616, 952-457-4345, 651-952-201-9298 or 651-500-0208.

 Holi Festival Team

 Minnesota Hindu Milan Mandir,