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[Religious/Puja]Universal Congregation

Sunday, May 20 2018
12:00-1:30 pm
Community Room
2215 11th Avenue South
Minneapolis Minnesota 55404   [Map]   [Directions]
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God has blessed man with a human life and redemption of soul is only possible in this incarnation. Soul has to realize Super Soul for liberation from shackles of birth and death. But man does not value it and is indulging in violence. All this is due to ignorance of his real self. Ego is the greatest enemy of man and ignorance is its reason. Our real self is the soul, whether we are Christian, Sikh, Muslim or Hindu, black or white. The soul is a constituent of the Over Soul which is above all such distinctions. Since we are disunited from God, we are disunited from each other. For forging human unity, we have to be united with God. There are man-made differences based on religion, caste and races which have alienated man from man. These differences can be eliminated on realizing the Truth (Father God) that God has created all humans as equal and alike belonging to His vast family. The Holy Messengers never taught to hate anyone but to love and own all. When God dwells in all and permeates the whole universe there should be no alienation. Man has been created in the image of God and there is a divinity in each of us which needs to be kindled. It remains dormant for being devoid of truth and clouded by vices. Our real nature is 'Sat, chit, Ananda' (Truth, Consciousness & bliss). Oblivious of its true abode i.e. God Almighty the poor soul stands lost in rituals, when actually it craves for Ananda (bliss) alone, which it can attain only by being in communion with Parmananda (Supreme Bliss-God) otherwise it stays joyless with all material comforts and luxuries. We must constantly strive to realize our real nature that comes with God knowledge and Self- realization. On realizing his real self, man perceives himself in others and begins to love his fellow men. As God is love and ultimate source of virtues man has to be an embodiment of love reflecting human virtues. Holy beings taught man how to conduct himself as a true human. The Sant Nirankari Mission popularly known as Universal Brotherhood emphasizes that Formless Almighty God can be known and the soul can be aligned with the Super Soul by the benevolence of True Master, Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj. By imparting knowledge and realization of God, the Mission is fulfilling the vital lacuna in God's worship of laying whole stress on the '"names" without realizing the "named" the real entity behind the "names. The need of the hour is that no time should be lost in finding a True Master or a God-realized personage who can establish a holy communion. To know more about the Mission you are cordially invited to join a spiritual congregation of enlightened beings on Sunday, May 20, 2018 from 12:00 to 1:30 pm at 1515 Park Avenue south Minneapolis, MN 55404.For any question or concern please contact the undersigned or Rev. Anoop Kumar at 612-987-6216. Thanks. Humbly, Rajinder Arora 612-987-1028


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