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Java, SpringBoot, AWS  - Course Overview - 120 hrs

> Java, Advanced Java > JUnit Mockito =Unit Testing framework  >Maven = Project Management tool  >GIT = Version control system  >Eclipse IDE = Eclipse the development environment  >Spring Boot, MongoDB = Spring Framework, NoSQL database   >AWS = Amazon Web services  >Live Project 


Understanding Basic OOPs and java concepts, Data Types and Variables, String Class, Arithmetic Operators & Concatenation operators, Conditional & Decision Making, Single Dimensional Array, Double Dimensional Array, Loops (For, While, Nested, Do While Loop),Classes and Objects, Class Constructors, Functions in Java , Function Input Parameters ,Function Return Types, Local & Global Variables ,Static Variable & Function, Modifiers – Access Modifiers, Modifiers – Non Access Modifiers, Overloading and Overriding Functions, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception and Error, Final and Finally Keyword, Throw and Throws. 

Advanced Java  

Introduction to Collections framework, Util Package, List, Set and Map, Difference of All Collections Interfaces and classes. Java 1.8, Lambda expressions, Functional Interface, Static and default method in interface, Stream API, Introduction to HTML, Servlets, JSP, Introduction to web server-tomcat, deploying web application. Introduction to Junit, Mockito 

Eclipse IDE 

Download and install java, Download and start Eclipse, set up a project, create packages, create a First Java test case, how to use Eclipse, how to run, stop, pause, how to debug in Eclipse, understanding console output, how to put a break point, how to add Watch variables, how to find errors. Usage of step into and Step over debug functionality 


Downloading and configuring Git, Basic Git Commands, Working with Repositories, setting up Repositories, Local and Remote Repositories, create repository and cloning projects, Committing and Syncing the code, Reverting and Rolling Back the Code, Branch and Merging Concepts and Implementation, Resolving the Conflicts. 


Introduction about maven, Installation of Maven and create projects use Maven, Introduction of Maven Folder Structure, pom.xml, Dependencies, Goals, Maven Dependencies, Dependency version, Versions, Types. 


Web Services, Introduction to SOAP Web Services, Introduction to RESTful Web Services, SOAP vs RESTful Web Services, Introduction to JSON. 

Spring Boot 

Introduction to Spring Boot, Developing Spring Applications before Spring Boot, Using Spring Initializr to create a project, Creating a REST Controller, Spring Boot vs Spring vs Spring MVC, Spring Boot Starter Projects - Starter Web and Starter JPA, Overview of different Spring Boot Starter Projects, Spring Boot Actuator, Spring Boot Developer Tools, Introduction to JPA, Spring JDBC, Creating a JPA Project using Spring Initializr, Defining a JPA Entity, Implementing HATEOAS for RESTful Services, introduction to rest template, introduction to Spring cloud , introduction to Microservices. 


Creating Database & Collection in MongoDB, MongoDB Data Types, inserting multiple documents in Collection, querying in MongoDB, Updating & Deleting Documents, Limit & Skip 


AWS fundamentals, Introduction to Serverless Computing, EC2, Fargate, ECS, API Gateway, Amazon S3. Build a Serverless Website page with Route 53, Step Functions X-Ray, Deploying spring boot application in AWS. 

Live Project 

Build few spring boot applications and deploy to the AWS as project scenario.