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QA Automation Training
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Course Overview

? Java - Opensource programming language

? Selenium - Framework for testing web applications

? TestNG - Testing framework

? Maven - Project Management tool

? GIT Version control system

? JIRA Agile Methodology/Project/Bug tracking tool

? Jenkins Continuous integration tool

? HTML - Markup language for creating a webpage

? Eclipse IDE - Eclipse the development environment

? Live Project Java for QA

? Understanding Basic OOPs and java concepts, Data Types and Variables, String Class, Arithmetic Operators & Concatenation operators, Conditional & Decision Making, Single Dimensional Array, Double Dimensional Array, Loops (For, While, Nested, Do While Loop),Classes and Objects, Class Constructors, Functions in Java ,Function Input Parameters ,Function Return Types, Local & Global Variables ,Static Variable & Function, Modifiers Access Modifiers, Modifiers Non Access Modifiers, Overloading and Overriding Functions, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception and Error, Final and Finally Keyword, Throw and Throws. Eclipse IDE

? Download and install java, Download and start Eclipse, Download and configure WebDriver java client, set up a project, create packages, create a First Java test case, Import WebDriver Source file, how to use Eclipse, how to run, stop, pause, how to debug in Eclipse, understanding console output, how to put a break point, how to add Watch variables, how to find errors. Usage of step into and Step over debug functionality Advanced Java

? Introduction to Collections framework, util Package, List, Set and Map, Difference of All Collections Interfaces and classes, reading data from Property files using java program, Reading and Writing data from/to Excel files using Apache POI API, 100 java programming exercises. TestNG Framework

? What is TestNG, Benefits and Features of TestNG, how to download TestNG, Annotations in TestNG, how to run Test Suite in TestNG, Groups in TestNG, Test Case sequencing in TestNG, TestNG Reporters, TestNG Asserts, TestNG Parameters Selenium

? WebDriver Interface: concept of browsers in WebDriver, Architecture of WebDriver, WebDriver Interface, WebElement Interface, Launching IE Firefox Chrome browser Page 2 Browser & Navigation Commands: How to Open a URL, Verify Page title, Strategy to get the Page Source, Difference between Close & Quit, Ways to Navigate Back & Forward, How to Refresh Page, Another way of Navigating to specific Page WebElement Commands: FindElement, FindElements, Enter & Clear text from Input field, How Click action works differently on different elements, Managing Input fields, Buttons & Links, finding all links on the Page, Extracting More than one object from a page, Extracting Objects from a specific area of a web page, Drop Down Handle, Select multiple values from the list, Select & Deselect operations by Index, Value & Visible Text, Check if element is Present, Displayed, Enabled or Selected, Web Locators: ID, Classname, Name, Tag, LinkText, Partial LinkText, Xpath and CSS. Selenium Waits, Alert & Switch Windows : Implicit and Explicit waits, How to use Expected Conditions with Waits,PageLoadTimeout & SetScriptTimeout property, Simple use of Thread Sleep, Concept of Fluent Wait in Selenium , Strategy to poll for an object, WebDriverWait and its uses ,Different Wait Until Conditions , Managing Ajax based components ,Ways to handle Simple, Confirmation & Prompt Alert, Concepts of Set Interface in Java, Difference between Window Handle & Handles, Switching & Closing Windows, Tabs & Popups. Advanced Selenium

? Data Driven Framework in Selenium- Introduction to Page Object Model, Usage of Page Object Model, Read and Write Excel file in Selenium using Apache POI Fetch Data from Excel, Write Data into Excel, JavaScript Executor to Click on Element. Basic HTML

? HTML Basics, HTML language tags and attributes, ID, Name, Xpath, CSS etc, Difference between Absolute & Relative Xpath, Finding web elements. GIT

? Downloading and configuring Git, Basic Git Commands, Working with Repositories, setting up Repositories, Local and Remote Repositories, create repository and cloning projects, Committing and Syncing the code, Reverting and Rolling Back the Code, Branch and Merging Concepts and Implementation, Stashing Changes, Resolving the Conflicts. Maven

? Introduction about maven, Installation of Maven and create projects use Maven, Introduction of Maven Folder Structure, pom.xml, Dependencies, Goals, Maven Dependencies, Dependency version, Versions, Types. JIRA

? Introduction about Jira, getting access to Jira, set up user access, how to create a story, add stories to backlog, defect, epic etc, create sprint, add stories to sprint, add task to stories/defect, update task, generate reports. Jenkins

? Introduction about Jenkins, Installation of Jenkins, create project, configuring Jenkins projects, run Jenkins projects, generate reports. Live Project

? A demo website will be taken and framework will be built on top of that which will simulate actual project scenario.

fee - $600