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Career Advice Inc

You may be sick of getting online training but then left alone without any help in getting a job. If you are in such situation then the good news is that:

At Career Advice†Inc we are offering JOB PLACEMENT SERVICES, and interview help for all IT Jobs. Contact us at +1-952-583-9790

We are Minnesota based non-profit agency dedicated to helping minorities and immigrants to get placed in the IT sector and other high paying jobs.

The process to get help:

1. Give us a call (952-583-9790) and schedule an appointment (In person if in Minnesota- Preferred)

2. Meet with Placement Managers and had your customized placement plan.

3. Follow the plan as advised and as per our experience,†most of the candidates who do dedicated job search (full time- Cause finding a job is a full-time job) find opportunity in 6-8 weeks.