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SEWA-AIFW Personal Care Assistant
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Personal Care Assistant?

SEWA-AIFW Culturally Specific Senior Activities

Contact Information: Sneha Singh, Program Director |

Job Description

If you're a compassionate, positive person who is looking to support and learn by assisting our senior clients as personal care assistants, then this is a job for you. We expect you to be polite and a good communicator. Experience in housekeeping tasks and caring for the elderly or sick will make you a strong candidate. The fulfilment and satisfaction that comes with helping others surpasses the challenges of this job.


? Ensure clients receive their medication on time

? Support clients who can't move on their own

? Help clients dress, bathe, eat etc.

? Assist clients with physical therapy exercises

? Cook meals according to the client's restrictions

? Help clients with their shopping

? Do necessary housekeeping to maintain a clean environment

? Provide emotional support

? Inform physicians or supervisors about uncommon events

? Act quickly and responsibly in cases of emergency

? Provide companionship and be a respite to caregiver


? Committed to health & safety

? Excellent communication and people skills

? Positive and compassionate attitude

? Strong ethics

? CPR certified (We can provide certification classes if needed)

? High school diploma or equivalent

? A valid driver's license


? Eagerness to learn to be Personal Care Assistant

? Well-organized and reliable

? Interest in learning housework and cooking skills

? Understanding of culturally specific care

Benefits and Learning Opportunities

? Training will be provided if interested

? Greater understanding of South Asian cultures and values

? Industry competent pay

? Opportunities to grow your skills and experience