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2.0 in 3D/Tamil & Telugu @multiple Mann cinema
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Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar, Sudhanshu Pandey Mayur Bansiwal tc=809512628&tid=87
Plymouth Mann and Champlin Mann Cinema
Champlin Cinema 14 11500 THEATRE DRIVE CHAMPLIN, MN 55316 763-712-9955 Plymouth mann cinema: 3400 VICKSBURG LANE PLYMOUTH, MN 55447 Movie Line: 763-551-0000

After facing a threat that is beyond the current understanding of science, the Government seeks the help of scientists. Dr. Vaseegaran suggests to assemble Chitti to fight against it.

3D 2.0 (TAMIL) @Plymouth Mann:

2.0 (TELUGU)@Plymouth Mann:

2.0 (Tamill) atCHAMPLIN Mann:

2.0 (Telugu)atCHAMPLIN Mann::