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Curie Learning Open House for K - 8 Programs
Open House 2018 K - 8
Open House 2018 K - 8

About Curie:

                  For over 10 years, Curie Learning has been the number one choice for parents seeking excellent academic performance from their children. Curie Learning offers  Coaching and Enrichment programs to students from Early Elementary Education through High School. Students trained at Curie Learning have achieved higher academic success rates. Courses are specially designed to bring out the best in students. 

The Curie Learning Program consists of the following:


1.      Curriculum designed by highly qualified academician with over 40 years of teaching expertise from elementary education through Doctoral programs; this aids in creating an academic pathway to higher education for the students.

2.      The Integrated Math and English curriculum provides children with not only intensive training in Math, but also in the development of strong skills in reading comprehension and written English.

3.      The Curie Advancement Programs are designed to challenge students academically, placing them at least one year ahead of their current grade. It also prepares students for advanced academic programs in their regular schools and for getting admission into Magnet schools.

4.      The Curie Enrichment Programs help students whom are struggling in their current grade, perform better by reinforcing concepts with clear explanation and practice work.

5.      Curie Learning also conducts short-term programs for children who seek preparations for taking competitive exams.


The keys for success at Curie Learning are:

       Concept Introduction




Please visit us, call us at 612 5163687  or email at if you have any questions