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Donations Needed!

High speed internet: As many of you are aware, we lack high speed internet access at the premises of the main temple and the community sections. That limitation manifests into multiple functional roadblocks for the guests, volunteers, staff, HATS teachers & students and finally an enhanced security system. We recognize it is high time we provide this essential IT enabler in the Mandir premises.

Internet Donation Link:

Audio System: We are regularly facing quality issues from the audio systems of our Mandir premises. Many of us can easily recall the recurring incidents of unpleasant noise amplification in the main hall and audio issues & delays in the auditorium, primarily due to the outdated system. It is negatively impacting our community experience. We recognize that a good audio system will make the community experience richer at the temple, and certainly pull in more conducted events & functions in the temple, auditorium and cafeteria.

Audio System Donation Link: