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Cricket Lovers for FriendsCC 2018 T20 champs
Join one of the best cricket clubs in Minnesota
Rajesh - 612 716 1853 Pratik - 612-816-4232

If you like to play

  • leather ball cricket or Tennis Ball Cricket.
  • Real TURF wickets on ICC level cricket grounds.
  • Highest level of cricket.
  • team with best network in twin cities.

    The only team who plays in MCA (Leather Ball), MTBC (Tennis Ball) and Tatiana Cricket (ICC Level grounds-real turf wickets)

please contact us. through email/phone/facebook.

FREE! FREE! FREE!  ..  No Fees for students...

SPONSORSHIP: we sponsor players to play out of state tournaments.

Some Achievements of our Cricket Club:

  • T20 Champions of 2018, Runner up 40 overs
  • Champions of all tournaments of 2016 (T20 and 40 over)
  • Formed in 2003 and have been in Finals for 8 years in a row.
  • 5 time 40 over Champions, 6 time T20 Champions.
  • best network, best talented players, best team in cities, best team for students, new comers in Minneapolis.

    Our main motto is to have fun ON and OFF the field.

-Rajesh (612 716 1853)