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Heaven and Earth Feng Shui by Kanika Babal
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Intuitive Feng Shui and Healing of homes

Why Feng Shui?

There are three basic tenets of feng shui: Everything is alive, everything is connected, and everything is changing. And it begins with the basic structure of your home.

 The placement of doors and windows can mean the difference between chi that is fresh and alive with energy, or stale and damaging. A room can have too much yin, or negative energy, if it has been unoccupied and dirty for a long time; cleaning, bright lights, and uplifting music can, literally, clear the air. Happy sounds are always an effective antidote to bad energy.

According to feng shui, every object, space, and living thing has chi.

The better the quality of chi coursing through a thing, the healthier, more vibrant, or more beautiful that thing!

Why should you hire a Feng Shui Consultant?

Here's the short answer: More than likely, your feng shui diagnosis of your home will be incomplete or inaccurate.

But why is that? I'm assuming that you're reading feng shui tips everywhere on the internet, which only gives you half the story (or less), which is not enough for you to do a comprehensive feng shui diagnosis. And little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 

I recently visited someone's home which was full of plethora of Feng Shui items without the owners knowing the significance of any of them. This can be really dangerous, because you are confusing the Chi of your home by putting in things from different schools of thoughts. And I wont blame you, since there is way too much available there and the schools are not specified. e.g If you mix up the adjustments from Black Sect with the Compass school, the end result may be a disaster! I always tell my clients that if they have worked with me, they are free to consult with me on any tip they read, for lifetime, since I will only approve tips that are in sync with my school, ie Black Sect Feng Shui, and will not clash with another school and bring dis-ease in the house. 

The internet can only teach us so much. Although you can get tons of free tips, they are only bits and pieces of information, not enough for you to do feng shui in a holistic and impactful way. Further, you might even be implementing a feng shui misconception without you knowing! 

Feng Shui is immensely powerful, doing it right should be the only way you do it!

Love and Light,

Kanika Babal