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The Wooden Spoon Bakery
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Indian sweets, Cakes and Cookies
Bakery and Indian sweets

Welcome to the Wooden Spoon Bakery!

Our products are made with your good health in mind. They are made using the finest organic ingredients; whole grain, wheat free flours and organic non-hydrogenated oils. Many of our products are alternatively sweetened as well. For those of us who are health and environmentally conscious or have specific dietary restrictions but don't want to sacrifice taste...this is the bakery for you! Food items are best when fresh, therefore, we custom bake and ship our food products as quickly as possible. We have tasty breads, Indian sweets, cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes and much much more!

Organic baked goods are our specialty, but we do offer "Conventional" and "All-Natural" varieties as well!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our products, prices or if you are looking for something specific to add to your desert menu options.  For your convenience, we provide free curbside pick up and delivery service. Please contact us via email at to obtain additional information, or if you have questions.