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Piano, Ear Training and Music Theory
Piano Lessons
Owner: Faraz Ghassemi

ZOOM TWIN CITIES (ZTC) is a small business bringing various, custom learning experiences to our neighbors in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area of Minnesota.

This business started with solely piano lessons, we have since expanded. Piano has continued to be our most requested lesson type.

In-person lessons at your home. Virtual lessons on a phone, tablet or computer. Your learning, your way.

Student interest drives selection, with capacity to explore music theory, ear training and much more. Instruction follows MMTA* guidelines.

Faraz, our piano instructor and the owner of Zoom Twin Cities, has been playing piano from a very young age. In addition to teaching private piano lessons, Faraz has used his teaching abilities in the role of music therapist with special-needs junior artists, and has developed music therapy curriculum for children with disabilities, improving their lives through music.

Faraz teaches children and adults of all ages and ability levels from diverse cultural backgrounds.

 * MMTA = Minnesota Music Teacher's Association