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Minnesota Mar Thoma church congregation
Local Body of the Mar Thoma Church of Kerala
Minnesota Mar Thoma church congregation
Vicar: Rev. Alex Peter 21320 S. 79th Avenue Frankfort, IL 60423 Land # (847) 749-3288 Cell # (516) 428 0722 E-mail: Vice-President: George, Philip (Shaji) Tel: (952) 707 0394 E-mail: Secretary: Adarsh, Reena (Nishu) Tel: (763) 208 9604 Cell : (612) 868 8247 E-mail:
Holy Emmanuel Lutheran Church (Chapel) 201 East 104th Street Bloomington, MN 55420 651-764-6327 Vicar: Secretary:
The Mar Thoma Congregation of Minneapolis conducts Holy Communion Worship Service on the First Saturday†of every month at the Holy Emmanuel Lutheran
Church, Bloomington, MN at 9:30am. Our service is conducted in both Malayalam and English, by Rev. Alex Peter, the Vicar. Prayer meetings are held on the first and third Saturdays of the month, at the homes of our members. We invite everybody interested, in joining us for fellowship. For more details of our activities in the Twin Cities, feel free to contact us.