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SQL School is one of the best training institutes for Microsoft SQL Server Developer Training, SQL DBA Training, MSBI Training, Power BI Training, Azure Training, Data Science Training, Python Training, Hadoop Training, Tableau Training, Machine Learning Training, Oracle PL SQL Training. We have been providing Classroom Training, Live-Online Training, On Demand Video Training and Corporate trainings.


All our training sessions are COMPLETELY PRACTICAL.




SQL Server Basics & T-SQL Queries

  SQL Server Design Architecture 2016 & 2017


  SQL Server Database Design & Planning


  SQL Server Table Design & Pages


  Table Compression Techniques


  Data Integrity & Consistency


  SQL Server Views and Schemas


  JOINS and Sub Queries


  Uses of Indexes and Performance


  Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions


  Dynamic SQL and TEMP Tables


  DDL Triggers and DML Triggers


  Memory Usage with Triggers


  Cursors Usage and Limitations


  T-SQL Transactions Concepts & Types

  Locks and Memory Concepts & Locking Hints


  New Features in SQL Server 2017


Basic SQL Server Administration (DBA)


  Blocking & Deadlocks Issues


  Backup Strategies & Backup Options


  Point-In-Time, Partial and Piecemeal Restores


  Replication Techniques and Monitoring


  Peer Peer Replication Topology and Limitations


  Log Shipping Modes and Issues


  DB Mirroring and Encryption


  SQL Server Security & Client Security


  Database & Object Security


  Security Issues and Audits


  Data Level Encryptions and Data Security


  Performance Tuning & Tips


  Import -Export Techniques


  Tuning & Troubleshooting


  Security Audits in DENALI


  DBCC Commands and Management



  Server Level Audits


Advanced SQL Administration


  Log Space Issues and Tempdb Issues


  Profiler & Activity Monitor and Network Issues


  Partitioning Techniques, DB Snapshots and Usage


  Certificates, Signatures, Cryptography, Keys and Implementation


  DB Engine Tuning Advisor and Client Statistics


  Optimizing SSIS Packages


  Database Maintenance Plans


  DB Mail & Alert System with Notifications


  Upgrades, Migrations and Service Pack Installations


  SQL Server Failover Cluster Configuration


  Active Directory Configurations and Storage (SAN) Management


  Active/Active and Active/Passive Cluster Configuration Issues


  SQL Server Cluster Management Operations


  MSDTC and Resource Governor Importance and Usage


  Contained Databases and Always-On Availability Groups



Duration: 6 weeks, every day for 1.5 hours and all sessions are completely practical. One Real-time Project included in the course.



All Sessions are Completely Practical and Realtime.


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