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Rituals like Sathyanarayana puja,havan, gruhaprave
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Pandit ji has masters' degree specializing in Krishna 
Yajurveda, SriPancharaatra Agama, Divyaprabhandham and in 
Sanskrit. Well experienced Panditji has worked at world popular 
Tirumala Temple (Balaji) and participated in more than 100 
temples consecrations. He has worked in the United States of 
America in last ten years and served in various Hindu temples 
of North America.  The mission of Panditji is to explain and 
interpret our religious values to our community youth in 
America. Panditji is well versed in performing both House and 
Temple rituals. 

Panditji is Conversant in 6 Indian languages and experienced in 
performing poojas such as Sri Ganapathi pooja, Gruhapravesha 
puja,(House warming ceremony), SriSatyanarayana pooja, Srisai 
Satyavratam, Rudraabhishekam, Rudrahomam, SriGanapati homam, 
Sudarsanahomam, Navagraha pooja & Homam, Chandihomam and all 
types of Samskaras (sacraments). e.g. Pumsavanam & Seemantham 
(Pre-natal), Jatakarma, Namakaranam (Naming), Annaprasanam (1st 
feeding), Chowla (Mundane), Upanayana, (sacred thread), 
Kalyanam (Wedding). Knowledgeable about all types of Indian 
Vedic wedding ceremonies, Navagraha Shantis, Antyeshtis & 
Shraddhams. The presentation of the ritual includes detailed 
explanation of the rituals. 

Please contact Panditji @ 8582201281/ 612-353-1607  or email