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2089 F, Woodbridge Terrace
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Astrology. Vastu Spritual healing gemstone Counslting Vedic Poojas 

We make new birth charts and also provide a detailed analysis of the charts. This 
also includes Gem and Yagya recommendations according to the problem. As 
per requirement the Jyotish consultation can be done in a briefer format or only 
specific related questions given utmost importance.
1)    Career problems : If you have good qualification still not getting good job
2)    Education problems : Students who work very hard still don't get good marks 
in results
3)    Marriage delays : Hurdles in getting marriage fixed
4)    Family problems : Dispute in family
5)    Health related problems : Always having some Health trouble
6)    Love problems : Not getting success in love or love marriage
7)    Financial problems : Not able to earn or save enough money or too much 
loans,debts etc.
8)    Match-making :  Do kundali-milaan to know if the person is right life partner 
for you
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