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Scholarship and opportunity in California
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If you want to move to California San Diego and Los Angeles area, here is your chance. California Miramar university located in three locations of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco provides scholarships of 1,500$ with tuition of the whole program of 22,815 $. The benefits of transferring there are; 1) affordable tuition of 22,815 dollars for the whole program. 2) Offer CPT right the way and helping to get social security(gaurantee you will get one). 3) scholarships 1,500$ 4) accept transferring credits so you do not have to start all over again. 5) bigger cities with more opportunities of jobs. 6) nice weather. 7) no extra cost only application fee. No hiding fee to help with paperwork and transferring. ?? if you come with big group we can help pick up at the airport. Contact me at 6122398235 for more detail(whatapp)