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Need an apartment at Tempe /Chandler for 5 Months



My name is Vipul Nair. I am from Mumbai. Currently deputed at Tempe, Arizona Luicd Motors at 1115 W Alameda Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282. Its been almost 20 days since I arrived, but I am not able to find a budget accommodation for myself on a temporary basis. 

I am presently put up in a hotel close by but going forward looking for an apartment or room share which is much affordable. I am looking for something which will cost me around 60-70 USD per day (including taxes).

The duration I am looking for is from Feb 01st until June 06th.

Please reach out to me if you all have anything fitting that category.


Vipul Nair

+91 9819221696

+1 520 517 0340