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QA Manual/Automation Java Selenium Training
Software / QA / DBA
QA Manual/Automation -Placement +New Batch August

QA Manual and Automation Course content: - Team Introduction - Manual Testing: - QA Basics o Team role and responsibilities.

QA Role and Responsibilities - :

Different ways of Developing a software – Agile vs Waterfall - SDLC - STLC -

Project Introduction, Requirement Analysis - Test Artifacts - Test Strategy - Test Plan - Test Design - Test Execution o Defects o Test Closure document 

Different Types of Testing, Different types of Environment, Release process

HP ALM Installation on your Laptops

 Selenium Introduction and Installation: • Selenium Introduction -

Selenium History o Selenium Architecture -

Installation of Java, Eclipse and Selenium Jars download. o Configuration of Selenium Jars into Eclipse. 

 Java Basic Concepts

Basic Data Types 


Basic Statements(if, switch, for, while) Arrays - Lists - Create Classes - Create Objects - Inheritance - Abstract classes - Interfaces 

 Selenium Automation

-First WebDriver Program o Different WebDriver methods o How to invoke different browsers using WebDriver

- Different Locators Techniques and tools used o Firebug and Firepath Add-ons o Element identification by a different locating mechanism

-Advance ways of location web element/objects o Writing customized XPath and CSS selectors -

Techniques to automate web UI o Handling Dropdown/Select element o Handling checkboxes, radio buttons o Handling Javascript Alert o WebElement validation techniques -

Techniques to Automate advanced WebUI o Handling Ajax/Mouse interaction o Handling window, multiple windows o Handling Frames -

Practical problems and Methods to Handle them with Selenium 

 Selenium Advanced Topics:  Cross Browser Testing with Selenium Grid -TestNG - Framework: o Data Driven Framework using properties file o PageObject Pattern and PageFactory o Data Driven Testing using Apache POI o Database connection to Selenium Test Cases o Cucumber Behavior Driven Data – Framework.

Mobile Testing: Introduction to Mobile automation testing - APIs and Selenium - Automation for Android and IOS devices. - Testable items through Appium vs. Selendroid - Mobile automation testing tools - The API Levels.

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