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Network solution Architect
Software / QA / DBA
Visual Consultants, Inc.

One of our direct client  looking for a  Network solution Architects to help them immediately. Below is a brief description of their need


Job Details



OTS telecommunications contracts offer solutions for domestic, national, and international voice, data, and video communications to State and local, large and small federal agencies, civilian and Department of Defense and Tribal organizations. In addition, the OTS delivers administrative and technical support for services and solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.


The contractor shall have  a demonstrated knowledge of OTS programs, OTS telecommunications contract vehicles and contracting norms, knowledge of telecommunications marketplace opportunities from periodic market research, as well as sophisticated data manipulation, management and analysis skills. The contractor shall provide monthly, quarterly, annual, and on-demand business data analytics and intelligence reporting




  • Provide complex telecommunications analytics and intelligence in support of client telecommunications portfolio.
  • Provide analysis and reporting to support Clients  maintenance of its Best-in-Class (BIC) designation for its telecommunications contracts. Current contracts designated as BIC by OMB are Networx, FSSI BPA, MAS Wireless SIN 517312 and EIS.
  • Support Client strategic goals for telecommunications.



Key functional areas include the following:

  1. Utilize a Vendor Billing Repository provided by client  reporting deliverables requirements including required and optional business intelligence and wireless mobility deliverables.
  2. Access commercial and other government pricing data for use in cost savings, price competitiveness, and trend analyses.
  3. Provide a Dynamic Dashboard to client to support client and customer agencies in managing their telecommunications portfolios.
  4. Develop and provide Business Intelligence Training to client Dynamic Dashboard users.
  5. Provide additional customized reporting as required by client.