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      QA Manual and Automation Course content:  

      -       Team Introduction - Manual Testing:  

              QA Basics o Team role and responsibilities o QA Role and Responsibilities o Different ways of Developing a software – Agile vs Waterfall 



              Project Introduction, Requirement Analysis 

              Test Artifacts o Test Strategy o Test Plan o Test Design o Test Execution o Defects o Test Closure document 

              Different Types of Testing, Different types of Environment, Release process


      Domain Knowledge:   




      o   SQL Basics o Installing Oracle DB and

      SQL Developer tool o SQL Syntax o Data Types  o Rules to follow when creating Tables

      and Columns o DML Statements 

      ?  SELECT ?         INSERT 

      ?  DELETE 

      ?  UPDATE 

      o   Data retrieving by using simple select o

      Select Distinct o SQL Where o Order By o Aggregate functions 

      ?  SUM 

      ?  Avg 

      ?  Min 

      ?  Max o JOINS 

      ?  Inner Join 

      ?  Right join 

      ?  Left join 

      o   GROUP BY o HAVING o NULL function 



              Download Sublime editor 

              What is HTML 

              Importance of HTML in automation testing 


      o <H> -- H1 – H6 o <a>  o <div> o

      <img> o <ul> o <ol> o <li> o

      <label> o <iframe> o

      <table> o <tbody> o <td> o <tr> o <body> o <br> o

      <title> o <input> 


              Attributes o id o name o class o src o value o title 

              Creating webpages by using TAGS and Attributes 


              Linking HTML pages to CSS 


      Using Bootstrap in HTML pages 


      -       Selenium Introduction and Installation:  

              Selenium Introduction o Selenium History o Selenium Architecture 

              Installation of Java, Eclipse and Selenium Jars download. 

      o Configuration of Selenium Jars into Eclipse. 


      -       Java Basic Concepts:  

              Download JDK tool kit 

              Download Eclipse 

              What is programming language and basic concepts of compiling and running any programming language 

              What is JVM 

              Advantages of Java 

              Creating workspace 

              How to create first java project 

              Primitive Data Types 


              Arithmetic Operators 



              Class and Objects 

              OOPS concepts 

              How to analyze compilation errors 



      -       Selenium Automation:  

              First WebDriver Program o Different WebDriver methods o How to invoke different browsers using WebDriver 

              Different Locators Techniques and tools used o Firebug and Firepath Add-ons o Element identification by different locating mechanism 

              Advance ways of location webelemet/objects o Writing customized xpath and cssselectors 

              Techniques to automate web UI o Handling Dropdown/Select element o Handling checkboxes, radio buttons o Handling Javascript Alert o WebElement validation techniques 

              Techniques to Automate advanced WebUI o Handling Ajax/Mouse interaction o Handling window, multiple windows o Handling Frames 

              Practical problems and Methods to Handle them with Selenium



      -       Selenium Advanced Topics:  

              Cross Browser Testing with Selenium Grid 




      o Data Driven Framework using properties file o PageObject Pattern and PageFactory o Data Driven Testing using Apache POI o Database connection to Selenium Test Cases o Cucumber Behavior Driven Data – Framework.