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Vastu Consulting provides reliable Vasthu Shaastra consulting in USA for residential, business, offices, and other properties. Ask about Vastu Customized New Home Designs, Vastu Sastra Compliant Remodeling, and Property development of acreages, housing developments, single/multi units, retirement homes etc near Tampa, Clear Water, Orlando, Miami, etc..

Contact VastuTruth at 469-666-1088 for more details.

Our Principal Vastu Consultant provides services to bring out the best Vastu elements for residential buildings, commercial properties, and new development planning/design and construction. We have been helping a variety of clients, especially - USA settled Non Resident Indians, in Vastu Shaastra Consulting on existing properties and for selecting Vastu-compliant plots, houses, house plans, and business layouts, for over 10 years.

We offer scientific remedial measures to alleviate the Vastu non-compliant issues surrounding your property. If you are buying a new home/office/plot or building a home from ground-up, do consult us before you choose a plot and a house plan, from the builder. The right advice at the right time can save you tens of thousands in terms of future remedial measures, mental agony, and health issues.

VastuTruth has tens of satisfied clients who have consulted us before making their biggest investments in lives and reaped the benefits of timely advice. It costs you a tiny fraction of the cost of a property to avail of our services, to make the right choices in your most valuable investment of lifetime. 

We offer Vastu Consulting for Property developers, Builders, Architects - Improve the value and demand for your next construction project - as a builder, developer, prospective owner/buyer, architect. VastuTruth offers a "New Community Development Package" that provides every detail needed from the ground up to develop, market, and sell the entire plots and Vastu Compliant house designs to satisfied clients.

Contact VastuTruth at 469-666-1088 for more details.

Are you a realtor or real estate agent looking for help with Vastu Shastra compliance for your clients (especially of South Asian origin) ? We have 2 new packages for realtors - "VastuTruth Residential Compliance Verification" and "VastuTruth Commercial Compliance Verification" to help the realtor professionals, show better properties to clients and help to close the transaction quickly, especially in "hot markets". Go to to know more about VastuTruth services for real estate professionals.