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Hindu Religious Services
Rituals, Sacrament, Vratas and Havans
Hindu vedic Religious services
24 x 7
S. Visveswara Sarma Ji 703 399 6123 856 299 4321
Verginia, Maryland and Washington DC
We offer all types of Hindu vedic religous services in and surrounding Verginia, Maryland and Washington DC, available at your time. Panditji is Specialized in Krishna Yajurveda, smartha agama and Samskaras. The mission of Panditji is to explain and interpret our religious values to our community youth in America. Panditji is well versed in performing both House and Temple rituals.

Panditji is Conversant in many Indian languages and experienced in performing poojas such as Sri Ganapathi pooja, Sri Satyanarayana pooja, Rudraabhishekam, Rudrahomam, SriGanapati homam, Sudarsanahomam, Navagraha pooja & Homam, Chandihomam and all types of Samskaras (sacraments). e.g. Pumsavanam & Seemantham (Pre-natal), Jatakarma, Namakaranam (Naming), Annaprasanam (1st feeding), Chowla (Mundane), Upanayana, (sacred thread), Kalyanam (Wedding). Knowledgeable about all types of Indian Vedic wedding ceremonies, Navagraha Shantis, Antyeshtis & Shraddhams. The presentation of the ritual includes detailed explanation of the rituals.