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Now it's summer in Minnesota and it's not good to be lazy at home over the weekend. Also the long weekend is waiting. Let's go for a long drive. I have a valid license and good experience in driving. I can take my car or together can take a ren
Posted: 10-May-18
Hi, I have to send a letter to chennai for visa processing for my in laws.. just a letter please let me know if anyone is travelling this week May 21 to May 28th.. i can show the letter and close in front of you .. just to be safe thats it i
Posted: 21-May-18
Hi anybody traveling from Minneapolis to Delhi in the 2nd weekend of July. I need a little company in taking care of my 2 year boy. Please call 908-323-eight four five five
Posted: 17-May-18
Hi , I am looking company for my father in law who is planning to travel in May last or June First week. I have not yet booked the tickets. Please let me know if any one planning on same time.Thank you.
Posted: 09-May-18
Need travel companion for my mother in law travelling on june 19th in qatar airways
Posted: 08-May-18
I am planning for drive from MSP to Naigara. this over the long weekend, this month end. if any one is looking to join the trip please let me. or if any one need pickup or drop which matches my time and route(contact me for more details)
Posted: 08-May-18
Travel companion needed for my Mom planning to travel in june 1st week. Let me know if anyone is coming so that we plan.
Posted: 07-May-18
Hi i am planning to travel to Hyderabad or Bangalore in july last week.looking for companion to help with 4 months not booked yet.let me know if someone planning to travel.
Posted: 07-May-18
Am plan to book ticket in Etihad Airways(not in other flights) for my mother on June 3rd week from Chennai to MSP. Please let me know anyone looking for companion.
Posted: 06-May-18
Hi, We are looking for travel companion for my mom for 2-3 months for round trip.Another option we are looking is we would like to book her ticket from Hyderabad to Minneapolis in Air India. She can speak only Telugu. She needs help for docume
Posted: 06-May-18
Need travel companion for my parents traveling on 16th May from Kolkata to Minneapolis. It’s Qatar airlines early morning at 3:00 am from Kolkata to doha—- Doha to Chicago—- Chicago to Minneapolis. Just in case anybody traveling please call me.
Posted: 30-Apr-18
Looking for travel companion for my mom Chennai to Minneapolis - May 4th week
Eden Prairie
Posted: 27-Apr-18
Looking for travel companion for my mother during first and second week of august flying out from MAA (Chennai). please reach out me in case.
Posted: 24-Apr-18
Hello, My mother in law is travelling during Aug/Sep from Chennai to Minneapolis/Chicago, she needs a travel companion, please call/email me if you're travelling during this time-frame
Posted: 09-Apr-18