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Help needed with cooking at home Home Food Wanted minneapolis Updated:6/19/18 We are a family of 2 with one baby. We need someone to come to our apartment 2-3 times a week to cook food. University of Minneapolis - Minneapolis campus area. Hindu vegetarian family. Preferably someone who can speak hindi.
Home Food Wanted minneapolis Updated: 6/19/18
Home-made Indian Food Service - Carry Out Only Home Food Wanted EDINA Updated:5/30/18 Provides home-made Indian food service for lunch/dinner. Please connect for options and price lists. Veg box $6 - rice, roti, daal, 1 veg item, papad.... Veg box $7 - rice, roti, daal, 2 veg items, papad... Non-veg box $7 - rice, rot
Home Food Wanted EDINA Updated: 5/30/18