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Looking for friend to Join free meditation class want to make friends Bloomington Updated:2/4/19 Hi, School of Spirituality is conducting a Meditation free class followed by Dinner, if anyone interested please share details to join together.
want to make friends Bloomington Updated: 2/4/19
Meetup want to make friends Updated:1/10/19 Any Karnataka/kannada community in minneapolis? Or anyone staying in minneapolis? If you want to meet up.. let me know!
want to make friends   Updated: 1/10/19
Hello want to make friends Updated:12/27/18 Hi! I am a long time resident of Minneapolis. I am looking to socialize and also I posted earlier to help with house work and cooking. Please email me if interested in talking to me or me helping with housework and food. Thanks!
want to make friends   Updated: 12/27/18
Let's be cooking friends ... want to make friends Updated:12/26/18 I love Indian food! I'd like to meet people that want to learn to cook Indian food. It is okay is you are a pro at cooking, just as long as you are willing to teach me a little. I already know how a couple recipes and watch youtube cooking video
want to make friends   Updated: 12/26/18