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MSP to MAA in Sept , Oct , Nov or Dec - Lufthansa travel companion [map] Updated:8/18/19 Looking for a travel companion for my mother who is scheduled to travel on Sept 30 to chennai through Lufthansa. We are OK to reschedule any time in the month of Oct, Nov , or Dec . Please call 612-three-five-eight-6250. Thanks
travel companion [map] Updated: 8/18/19
Travel Companion from MInnesota to Washington Stat travel companion Eagan Updated:8/18/19 Hi, i am moving to Seattle, Washington. If you are moving and interested to move household items on your own . Please let me know I will join  Thanks, Senthil
travel companion Eagan Updated: 8/18/19
Need Travel Companion from MSP=>BOS=>HYD on 08/26 travel companion Minneapolis Updated:8/15/19 Hello, I am looking for travel companion for my Mom on 08/26/2019 Monday from Minneapolis,MN (MSP) to Boston,MA (BOS) to Dubai(DXB) to Hyderabad(HYD) via Emirates. Please let me know if anyone travelling on the same flight and on same day. I'd real
travel companion Minneapolis Updated: 8/15/19
Minneapolis to Mumbai in Nov or December travel companion Updated:8/13/19 Hi , i am looking for a travel companion for my India trip anywhere in November or December. Travel will be from Minneapolis to Mumbai. I will be traveling along with my 2kids 5yr old and 8month old baby.
travel companion   Updated: 8/13/19
Ride available from Minneapolis to Chicago travel companion Minneapolis Updated:8/6/19 Hi, I am driving from Minneapolis to Atlanta  through Chicago starting from Friday(08/09) Evening. If anyone wants a ride share till  Chicago you can contact me on 612 298 6218
travel companion Minneapolis Updated: 8/6/19
Needed Travel Companion From Hyd to MSP travel companion Updated:8/5/19 I am looking for Travel Companion for my Mother from Sep 10th - Oct 1st . I have not booked tickets yet because she is travelling first time so please let me know if any one is travelling in that period.
travel companion   Updated: 8/5/19
Needed Travel Companion From Hyd to MSP in August travel companion Minneapolis Updated:8/3/19 Hi , I am planning to bring my wife and kid in August from Hyderabad to Minneapolis. Tickets have not been booked yet.  she is travelling first time need some assistance If any body travelling on this month(August) please let me know.  M
travel companion Minneapolis Updated: 8/3/19
Travelling form Chicago to Delhi - Air India travel companion minneapolis Updated:7/31/19 If someone is travelling from Chicago to Delhi from Air India by end of Aug, please do let me know.  My mom is going back to India in the end of Aug from Chicago to Delhi by Air India and we need help with her travel.  If someone can ple
travel companion minneapolis Updated: 7/31/19
Wanted Ride Sharing from Eden Prarie to Downtown travel companion Eden Prarie Updated:7/29/19 Looking for Ride Sharing from Eden Prairie to Minneapolis Downtown.We can share our cars on weekly or bi monthly basis. I go to office M-F 5 days of the week.Timings are 8;00am-4.20pm. Please contact me if you are looking for sharing ride.(MALE PRE
travel companion Eden Prarie Updated: 7/29/19
Chennai to MSP - Travel Companion travel companion Updated:7/24/19 I am looking for travel companion for my Mom from Chennai to Minneapolis between Aug 15 - 31. Tickets are not yet booked. 
travel companion   Updated: 7/24/19
Travel companion. From Hyderabad to Minneapolis travel companion Eagan Updated:7/24/19 Hi, Looking for travel companion for my mom in August month. Tickets not booked so far... Hyd to Chicago is also fine... Please reach me on 3136760208 if anyone..
travel companion Eagan Updated: 7/24/19
Travel companion. From Bengaluru to Minneapolis travel companion Updated:7/13/19 Hi, We are looking for a travel companion for my mom from Bengaluru to Minneapolis in October 2019. If any of you are traveling at the same time, could you please let us know? It would be a great help. She speaks Kannada, Marathi,  Hindi a
travel companion   Updated: 7/13/19
Looking for travel companion, India to USA travel companion Updated:7/8/19 Hi, I am looking for a travel companion for my parents from India (Kochi, Kerala / Banglore) in July/August. Please drop me an email ASAP. Thanks, Prasanth
travel companion   Updated: 7/8/19
Need assistance to my 12yr kid from hyd to Msp travel companion Updated:7/7/19 Please see the itinerary below Wed, 17 Jul  - Vistara 870  - 2h 0m Departing: Rajiv Gandhi Intl Airport, Hyderabad (HYD)  at 8:35 pm Arriving: Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport (DEL)  at 10:35 pm -------- Long Connect
travel companion   Updated: 7/7/19
Need travel companion, india to usa in July ASAP travel companion Updated:7/2/19 Hi , i need travel companion from india  to usa for my wife and kids in first week of july. I have not booked the tickets yet but flexible to book anywhere between July 1 and July 11 . Please drop me an email ASAP Regards, krishna. 
travel companion   Updated: 7/2/19
Looking for Travel Companion travel companion Updated:6/26/19 Hi, I planning to book ticket to my mom from Hyderabad to MSP in the end of Aug or first week of September. If anyone traveling in that period please reach me at 612-389-0257
travel companion   Updated: 6/26/19
Need companion from Hyderabad to Minneapolis travel companion Updated:6/25/19 Hi, My mother-in-law is travelling from Hyderabad to Minneapolis on  2nd July,2019.She is visiting USA for the first time.  She needs little bit guidance or help on how to find or reach the Terminal/Gate.Please let me know if anyone is tr
travel companion   Updated: 6/25/19