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Maharashtrian Style Poha
hot tea/coffee
Snacks-Chaats,Maharashtrian,South Indian,Veggie
3 fist of Thin Poha
2 tb spoon of pea nuts
10-12 kadi patta
chopped green chil, ginger, Dhaniya
Salt, Sugar, Indian Masale
Lemon Juice.

First wash Poha 2-3 times and put in a big lid box, mix red
chili, Salt, Sugar of your taste. And cover the box with lid &
shake 2-3 times to mix it well.

Heat 2-3 spoon oil and mix heeng, rai, haldi, green chili,
ginger, peanuts and kadi patta. Cover it and allow it to cook for
3-4 minutes.

Mix poha, put a bit Dhaniya powder & Lemon Jucie and stir it well.

Server with onion and garnish with chopped dhaniya.