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fruit salad with mango pulp
Fruit salad with Mango Pulp
Fruit salad with Mango Pulp
after lunch/dinner
Sumalatha Mitta
Sweets-Dessert,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie
Time to prepare : 10 Min

-Mango pulp : 1cup. 
-Condensed milk : 1 cup 
-Fruits : Bananas,apples,grapes,strawberry,oranges or any other 
fruit if you like to add.

1.Mix equal amounts of mango pulp and condensed milk.
2.Cut the fruits into small pieces.
3.Add the cut fruits into the mango pulp-condensed mixture and 
mix all of them so that fruits are evenly spread out.
4.Then keep it in the refrigerator(not freezer).
5.Then garnish it with strawberry on top of it and serve the 
delicious dessert.