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Crispy Baby Corn(Mansoon recipe)
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chutney/chilli sauce
Measurements: 4 tbsp = 25g = 1 ounce

Approximate 100 gm baby corn (~81 calories in 100 grams of corn)

* For marinating:
10 gm indian mirch /chilli powder 
10 gm ginger & Garlic paste
1/2 teaspoon haldi
few curry leaves(~8/9 leaves i take)
1 teaspoon garammasala powder
1 teaspoon  coriander/dhania powder
salt as per your taste. 

* For coating:
1/3rd cup rice flour
1/3rd cup besan flour
any Oil to deep fry. Don't take olive oil though!

Measurements: 4 tbsp = 25g = 1 ounce
  • Mix baby corn in turmeric & salt water. (take both in water & heat it till the baby corn softens)
  • Cool it down and mix with marinating spices. Set aside for few minutes.
  • Soon after marinating, dust it with rice and besan flour, but please make sure baby corn doesn't stick to each other.
  • fry/deep fry is better, in medium hot oil till becomes crispy, serve hot with any sauce or veggie chill sauce/green mint dhaniya chutney.

Crispy Baby Corn or you can name any, goes with your occasion.