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Banana Kheer
3 ripe bananas,1 cup ghee,3 tbsp coconut pieces,4 seeds of 
cardamom,25 gms jaggery,1 small coconut,2 tbsp raisins..
1.Peel and remove the seeds from the bananas. Steam cook and 
mash them. 
2.Grate coconut (not the coconut pieces), add 1 1/2 cups of 
water to make coconut milk. Add 3-4 cups of water to make 
second coconut milk.
3.In a pan add ghee and the mashed bananas and fry for 10-15 
4.Add melted and sieved jaggery. Keep stirring till it becomes 
thick. Add the second coconut milk to the banana and jaggery. 
5.Now mix and cook till thick and until the milk reduces to 
about 1/2 or more of its volume.
6.Add the first coconut milk and let it boil. Fry the coconut 
pieces, cashew nuts, raisins and crushed cardamoms and add to 
the mixture.