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Hara Bhara Kofta with Naan
Curry,Punjabi,North Indian,Veggie
For Kofta:
1 boiled potato
1/2 cup paneer
1.5 cup peas
6-7 leaf of spinach
2 piece of Bread
few Pieces of raisins and chopped green chilli, ginger
1 sp of corn flour
salt, black pepper

For Gravy:
-3 Tb spoon Oil, 1 cube of Butter.
- chopped ginger, green chillies, raisisn
- 2-3 bay leave, 2 big ilaichis
- Heeng, Rai, little bit red chilli 
- 3-4 spoon milk
- 2 spoon corn flour and mix it in 1/2 cup water.

For Naan:

2 cup Maida
1 spoon yeast powder
1-2 spoon curd (if you are in hurry)
a pinch of soda
salt, black pepper

Mix them and khead with the help of warm water and 1 spoon oil. 
And cover with a cloth & keep in the dark and warm place (Oven 
is the best) for the fermentation...wait atleast 3-4 hours BUT 
if you have mixed curd..1 hour is enough.

If you see, it is very loos after you take our from the dark 
place, then mix little more maida and khead again..
1. Mix all the for Kofta and mash, make small koftas and deep 
fry them untill they are dark golden brown.

2. Keep them aside.

3. put oil in a pan and put 1 tea spoon rai, bay leave, big 
ilaichi, chopped green chilli, ginger & then puree...let it 
cook..and then mix 3-4 spoon milk to make the rich gravy and 
3/4 cup of water.
- put corn flour mixture to make the gravy thick am=nd put 
water depending how thin gravy you want.

-when it cooks well...mix koftas 1/2 before you eat food.

For Naan:

Roll and make them same as we make Indian Roti/Bread. Serve 
with onion, raita and Hara Bhara Kofta Curry.