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Mysore Pak (Festival Special)
Sweets-Dessert,Karnataka,South Indian
1 Cup Channa Dhal Flour (Sieved); 
1 Cup Water; 
2 1/2 - 3 Cups Sugar; 
Ghee 2 1/2 cups; 
Elaka Powder ½ Tbspn. 
-Heat 1 tbspn of Ghee & fry the Channa Dhal Flour for about 5 mins. 
-Stirring continuously till a nice aroma comes out & the flour is
golden brown. Remove from fire & let it cool. 
-Now place a pan/kadai on the fire, add the Sugar & water & make
a single thread syrup, add one cup of Ghee & stir well, 
-then add the flour (sprinkle it little by little, but you should
go on stirring continuously so that it does not form lumps 
– so get someone to sprinkle the flour for you), when the flour &
syrup mixture has combined well add the remaining Ghee little by
little, stirring all the time (say for about 15 mins), till 
the mixture forths & bubbles up. 
The Ghee will start to seep out, remove 
the seeping out ghee – when the Mixture starts leaving the sides
of the Kadai immediately pour onto a greased tray & evenly level
it out with a buttered spatula. Cut into pieces while still warm.
– let it cool down, when completely cold place in airtight
containers & use.