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Gunjiya (Festival special SWEET)
Sweets-Dessert,North Indian,Veggie
Maida (all purpose flour)
oil, salt, baking soda
warm water to make dough

coconut porder
a bit recota cheese/mawa
dry fruits (cut small pieces)
itlaichi podwer
misri (very small pieces)

First make dough:

take maida, a bit salt, a pinch of baking soda. mix hot oil, put for 1-2 minutes and Make dough in luke warm water. Mix good amount of oil to make the Gunjiya outer soft & crispy.


put recota cheese in a pan and heat with continous stirring in a non stick pan to remove its excess water.

Take coconut powder, mix sugar, misri, recota cheese (half of coconut powder or depends on your taste add same/more quantity if you like more mawa taste) and mix dry fruits.

Now take dough and make like a roti shape and cut this into two with a knief and put this half semi circle shape roti in the gunjiya mold and put 1 tea spoon filling mixture...before you close the Gunjiya mold, you have to put maida water on the corner of gunjiya outer so that it won't open while frying in oil.

Now make all gunjiya and put in a plate and cover them with a moist cloth and fry in medium-high oil.


Since it has mawa/recota cheese so after 1-2 days, start putting them in fridge and take out 3-4 hours before you eat.

Hope you will get success to make this a bit complecated Gunjiya on this Deewali.