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Karnataka Pastaa..!
Pickle if requred
Bread-Naan-Rotis,Karnataka,South Indian,Veggie
1) 2 Tommatos 
2) 100 Gram Toor Daal
3) 30 Gram Peanuts
4) 1 Onion 
5) 10 Gram Tamirind Paste 
6) MTR Sambar Powder
7) 6-8 Wheat Chapaati's 
8) Two table spoon ghee.
9) Ginzer galric paste.

All of you must be know how to prepare sambaar ..!

Add the peenuts in the sambar and boil it for a while .Cut the chapaatis in square pieces 1"x1" and add the pieces  in to the samabar. and cook in mid flame till the chaapati soaks in samabar and  looks like paasta  add the ghee mix the pasata for a minute and serve the same with lime pickle ..! You can use 2 days old chapaatis also .tastes awsome and will be 100% non stinking veggie pastaa.