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How to buy a good car
Avishek Das
Buying a good car or finding a great deal is easy:

1. Compare KBB price with seller price.
2. Do a complete vehicle inspection from Firestone ($14 with
coupon) or Tireplus ($20) and find out what needs to be fixed.
2. Buy autocheck unlimited reports for $40, and check for
accidents, title, salvage, rental or lien.
3. Get quotes from different insurance and tell them the other is
offering at a low price and get a great deal. (Check with Gieko,
Progressive) and make sure you take at-least collision and road
side assistance. 
4. If you need new battery and tires, get them from Sam's club it
is the cheapest
5. If you need new brakes spent $29.99 and do it from
Firestone/Tireplus and get free brake pads and service for lifetime
6. If new need new shocks, headlights(replace old yellow
ones),power window switches  buy from amazon or ebay and get it
fitted from a desi mechanic and save thousands and feel the car
to be brand new. Contrary to the popular belief most headlights
cost between $50 to $100 for a set of 2!!
7. Keep an orange in the car, it will refresh the air better than
any chemical.

If you need more help about repairs and save money just email me :)