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The economic turmoil of 2008 has left few bright spots, but 
here's one, mortgage rates have plummeted to a historic low!

Rates on 30 year fixed loans are hovering around 5 percent, the 
lowest level since Freddie Mac began tracking rates in 1971. 

"SHOULD I REFINANCE?"  The general guidelines described here 
below will give you a better idea if refinancing is right for 

You SHOULD re-finance if:
 your actual interest rate is approximately 1% higher than the 
market rate;
 you are in any kind of adjustable rate mortgage or interest-
only product;
 you want to lower the term of your mortgage (example: from a 
30-year mortgage to a 15-year mortgage);
 you currently have two mortgage liens and could consolidate 
them into one; 
 you now have 20% equity in your home which gives you the 
opportunity to eliminate private mortgage insurance (PMI).

You SHOULD NOT re-finance if:
 you will be moving in the next two years;
 your existing mortgage has a pre-payment penalty that your 
mortgage company won't waive;
 the value of your home is less than your loan amount.

Whether you are interested in refinancing your existent home or 
are considering purchasing a new property, you are poised to 
capitalize on the lowest rates since 2003.

I am looking forward to assisting you, your friends and 
business associates with all their lending needs. Please call 
me today at (512) 964-4597.